Metallica tribute band


Magnetica is a Belgian Metallica tribute band that started in June 2009.

Four friends with a passion for Metallica sat together and decided to bundle their musical skills into Belgium's first original Metallica tribute. Metallica brought them together and had a very strong influence on their personal and musical adventures in life. They called this influence and force of attraction 'MAGNETICA'

By combining their skills, knowledge, perfectionism, enthousiasm, hard work and a quest for the perfect sound, MAGNETICA is able in capturing the ultimate Metallica experience on stage.

MAGNETICA's mission is to carry out the Metallica spirit, to spread their words and live our dream by sharing heavy music with lots of people. As a sign of our appreciation, dedication and respect towards towards our Gods of music, we bring a true reproduction of a Live Metallica concert.

Kevin Spruyt
Nessim Sakka
Tomas Wellekens
Sven De Bruyne

Metallica tribute band Metallica tribute band Metallica tribute band Metallica tribute band


Date Venue Location
09/06/2018 Skullfest Wervik (BE)
21/07/2018 Het Zomerterras Olen (BE)
24/08/2018 Herderrock Torhout (BE)
31/08/2018 Parkies Liedekerke (BE)
01/09/2018 Rock Will-son Lokeren (BE)
01/09/2018 Dijkrock Sint-Lenaarts (BE)
15/09/2018 Jeugdfeesten Gullegem Gullegem (BE)
06/10/2018 Cover Metal Meeting Faimes (BE)
27/10/2018 Heaven's Door Revival Meulebeke (BE)
01/12/2018 The Other Side Live Peer (BE)
08/12/2018 Gesfakrock Kuurne (BE)
15/12/2018 GC 't Heilaar Beerse (BE)


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Tomas Wellekens: +32 485 82 87 80

Sven De Bruyne: +32 476 49 78 92

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